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Written in C# 2.0, RxFind is a command line tool allowing you to search (and replace) the content of files using Regular Expressions. A must have for every administrator.

In my 13 meg test file, I was able to search and replace (and create a .bak file) in less than 1 second.

Additional Info
Author: Joel Thoms

  • Command Line Interface - Perfect for all your scripting and administration needs.
  • Regular Expressions - That's right -- Regular Expressions. The most powerful way to search.
  • Search Multiple Files - Can even traverse subdirectories.
    • RxFind1.gif
  • Regex Replace - Regular Expression replace gives you access to the match patern data.
    • rxfind2.gif
  • .Bak Files - Can create a .bak file of the original (just incase you mess something up)


This tool loads the file into memory before performing searches. It is untested on extremely large files. You might not be able to use this tool with extremely large files.

All you have to do (and this is optional) is add RxFind's path to your PATH environment variable.

WinXP - Go to your "Control Panel" and select "System". Open the "Advanced" tab and click on the "Environment Variables" button. In the "System variables" section, select "Path" and click "Edit". Add the path you've extracted the executable to into the "Variable value" section and click "OK".

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